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EF Johnson Ascend P25 Two Way Radio 51SL ES 5100 700/800 MHz

  • Model: 242-557H-860HA6
  • Manufactured by: EF Johnson


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Full Keypad Support
Front Panel Programming (FPP)
512 Channels / Talk Groups
Band 700 MHz and 800 MHz
Frequency Range 762–806 MHz / 806-870 MHz
Maximum Frequency Separation Full Bandsplit
Maximum Frequency Spread Any Spread within the Range
Channel Spacing 12.5 kHz, 25 kHz
RF Power Output 3 watt /1 watt
Analog / Digital Operation


EF Johnson Ascend 51SL ES 5100 Model III Radio Kit
EF Johnson Ascend 51SL ES 5100 Radio loaded with options. Comparable to the Motorola XTS 5000

EF Johnson Ascend 5100 ES Model 3 is that it is also a multi-protocol device, so it can operate on conventional and trunking infrastructures, and in both analog and digital applications.

Ascend 5100 ES is a Multi-Net portable radio that leads the industry in feature richness, multi-protocol capability, and system interoperability.

P25 Options
Conventional Mobile Data
Trunking Mobile Data
Digital Conventional
Digital SmartNET / SmartZone

Trunking Options
Star Roaming (Omnilink)
SmartZone Trunking
P25 Trunking
Multinet Trunking
SNSZ 800 MHz Rebanding

Encryption Options
DES Securenet

OTAR Options
P25 Trunking

Feature Options
Keypad Programming
Full Keypad Support
512 Talkgroups / Channels
Custom Icons
Zonefail Site Lock
MDC 1200
700/800 MHz Band
Conventional Vote Scan
Over-The-Air Re-Keying (OTAR)

Backward Compatibility provides the flexibility to communicate in both narrow and wideband analog channels in addition to wideband digital. Forward Compatibility is provided via a scalable design that allows new features and applications to integrate into the existing radio platform.

Comparable to the Motorola XTS5000
Ascend 5100 ES Portable Radio is a multi-protocol device, which means that it can operate on conventional and trunking infrastructures, and in both analog and digital applications. It provides a seamless evolution to next generation networks while offering investment protection for your present communications system

Additional Information

Project 25 Compliance: P25 Common Air Interface (CAI), P25 trunked and conventional communications, and P25 Over-the-Air-Rekeying (OTAR) functionality are all supported.

SMARTNET II and SmartZone Trunking Protocols. ASTRO trunking is also supported.

Analog / Digital Operation Simplified Programming

Over the Air Programming (OTAP) option enables you to program radios without connecting them to a computer
Easy radio programming and feature updating using EFJohnson’s PC Configure software for portable and mobile radios

EF Johnson Ascend 5100 ES Model 3 Police Fire EMS Public Safety Trunking Radio

Recently used by Public Safety, taken out of service when the department changed radios.

Free shipping or local pickup. Quantity available upon request


What's included?
EF Johnson Ascend 5100 ES Model 3 700/800MHz Digital Radio, External Remote Microphone, Battery, Belt Clip, Charger and Antenna.
EFJ Part Number: 242-557H-860HA6
EF Johnson Ascend 5100 ES Model III 700/800 MHz Radio, External Remote Speaker Microphone, Battery, Charger, Belt Clip and Antenna.
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