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Motorola PR400 UHF Two Way Radio LTR Radio 438-470 MHz

  • Model: AAH65RDF9AA3AN
  • Manufactured by: Motorola


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  • Band Spectrum UHF
  • Channels 32
  • Frequency Range 438-470 MHz
  • Channel Spacing 12.5/20/25/30 kHz
  • RF Output 1W - 4W
  • FCC Modulation 20/25/30 kHz 16K0F3E
  • FCC Modulation 12.5 kHz 11K0F3E
  • System Type Conventional, LTR trunking
  • FCC Description ABZ99FT4056
Motorola PR400 UHF AAH65RDF9AA3AN Portable Radio 32 Channel fits many business applications because of its versatility and expandability. This includes agriculture, hospitality, light construction, light industrial, manufacturing, public administration, delivery services, security, taxi and limousine services, transportation/fleet and utilities.
Motorola PR400 Radio Still Has Removable Protective Plastic Covering The LCD Display.
LTR Trunking Signaling Features
MDC 1200 Signaling
PTT-ID Encode
PTT-ID Decode
Radio Check Decode
Selective Radio Inhibit Decode
Data-Operated Squelch (DOS)
The PR400 and PM400 two-way radios are ideal for many businesses and industries including:
Light Construction
Light Industrial
Public Administration
Delivery Services
Taxi and Limousine Services
LTR Trunked Systems
LTR (Logic Trunked Radio) is a transmission-based trunking protocol developed by the E.F. Johnson Company for primarily single-site trunking applications. In transmission trunking, a repeater is used for only the duration of a single transmission. Once a transmission is completed, that repeater becomes available to other users. This means that a conversation comprised of many transmissions may occur over several different channels/talkgroups within the LTR system. This method of trunking provides system efficiency by making repeaters available to all users after every transmission. When an LTR trunked radio user wants to communicate with other people, the user’s radio sends a “channel/talkgroup request” to the home repeater. The system then sends back a “channel/talkgroup grant” to the user’s radio. The channel/talkgroup grant message contains the number of a “go to” repeater to tell the radio which repeater to use. This “go to” repeater can be the same as the radio’s home repeater or another repeater in the system. The radio uses the “go to” repeater for transmission. Once the transmission has ended, this repeater is available for other users.
32 Channels/100 LTR Talkgroups - Large Rotary Channel Selector. Continuous rotary knob changes channels quickly and easily.
Backlit 8-Character Alphanumeric Display with User-Friendly Icons. Display indicates radio status and battery levels and allows for viewing of channel names and Caller IDs, so users know who’s contacting them on the radio.
Menu Scroll Buttons. Allow user to change channels and access menu features.
Four Programmable Option Buttons (S1, S2, P1, P2) 2 side and 2 front buttons support up to 8 favorite features
Trunked Radio Systems
A trunked radio system allows a large number of users to share a relatively small number of frequencies without interfering with each other. The air time of all the repeaters in the trunked system is pooled, which
the amount of air time available to any one radio, and minimizes channel/talkgroup congestion.
Some of the benefits of trunked two-way radio systems are:
  • No channel/talkgroup monitoring required prior to transmission.
  • Improved system access.
  • Automatic channel/talkgroup selection.
  • Increased privacy among members of the same group.
PR400 Additional Features
The Full Display/Limited Keypad model has all of the same regular and programmable features as the Non-Display model plus the following:
32 Conventional Channels
Up to 100 LTR Talkgroups
Up to 10 Sites and 100 Talkgroups in LTR
Mixed Assignment of Conventional Personalities and LTR Talkgroups
Up to 20 Repeaters per Site in LTR
Up to 4 Universal IDs per System in LTR
Up to 40 Universal IDs per Radio in LTR
Up to 8 Programmable Features
Supports Up to 16 Scan Lists of Up to 16 Channels Per List
User-Editable Standard TPL/DPL Codes
User-Editable Scan List
Lights On/Off
Keypad and display backlights
Tones On/Off
Call Tone Tagging
Tag a special tone for a particular call
Quik Call II Signaling - Selective Call Encode: Calls a specific group or individual
Call Alert Encode: Notifies a specific group or individual user with an alert tone and lighted LED
DTMF Signaling - Selective Call/Call Alert Encode
Recently used by Public Safety, taken out of service when the department changed radios
FCC Description: ABZ99FT4056
Motorola PR400 UHF Portable Radio, 32 Channel, AAH65RDF9AA3AN has 32 channels with a full display and a limited keypad. It offers up to 8 programmable features.
Some channels are still programmed. Additional programming is up to the buyer.
Motorola PR400 Model AAH65RDF9AA3AN
Free shipping or local pickup. Quantity available upon request.
What's included?
Motorola PR400 UHF 438-470 MHz Two-Way Radio, Battery, Charger and Antenna.
Motorola PR400 UHF Radio Model AAH65RDF9AA3AN (Color: Black/Charcoal)
Motorola PR400 Two-Way Radio. Recently used by Public Safety, taken out of service when the department changed radios.
Belt Clip, Speaker Microphone Not Included with Purchase.
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