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Motorola ASTRO XTL 2500 Mobile Radio 7/800 MHz P25 9600 ADP

  • Model: M21URM9PW1AN
  • Manufactured by: Motorola


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Model: XTL2500
Part Number: M21URM9PW1AN
FCC ID: AZ492FT5823

Platform: XTL2500

G806: ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation
G114: Enhanced Digital ID Display
G683: Trunked One Touch Status Message
W12: Preamp
G51: SmartZone Systems Operation
W947: APCO Packet Data Interface
G173: SmartZone Omnilink MultiZone Operation
G361: ASTRO 25 9600 Baud Trunking
G193: ADP Software Encryption

Motorola’s XTL 2500 Project 25 compliant mobile radio is tough and well suited for users in Police, Fire, EMS, State/Local/Federal Government agencies. Taking into consideration your work environment and various job responsibilities, this robust mobile radio will support the type of consistent, high quality communication you need. The XTL 2500 digital mobile radio supports APCO Project 25 and is available in 764-870 MHz frequency bands and supports the accessories common to the XTL 5000 mobile radio. 

512 Channels
Output Power 10-35 W
9600 and 3600 Baud capable
Frequency range 764-870 MHz
Algorithm Advanced Digital Privacy (ADP)
Dual mode operation (ASTRO Digital and Analog)
RF Power 10-30W (764-806 MHz) 10-35W (806-870 MHz)
Channel Bandwidth Analog 12.5/20/25 kHz Digital 12.5 kHz
Transmitter Frequency 764-776 MHz 794-806 MHz 806-825 MHz 851-870 MHz
Modulation C4FM of QPSK-C family (Compatible 4-Level Frequency Modulation and Compatible Quadrature Phase Shift Keying)

The XTL 2500 digital mobile radio is specifically designed to meet the needs of your organization. When you want high performance, quality, and reliability in your daily communications, the XTL 2500 digital mobile radio is the radio of choice.

14 digit character display
Built in FLASHport support
Tri-color Backlit LCD display
Multi level display dim button
Integrated voice and data capable
12.5 kHz bandwidth receiver (digital)
5 Programmable buttons x 4 deep in menu functions
Project 25 capability on Conventional and Trunking systems
Bandwidth Receiver 12.5/20/25 kHz (analog)  764-870 MHz
Project 25 compliance interoperable voice signaling features

Motorola XTL 2500 7/800 MHz Two Way Mobile Radio
Some channels are still programmed from previous user. Programming additional channels is buyers responsibility.
Utilizes Windows-based Customer Programming Software (CPS) Supports USB and RS-232 communications. 

Motorola XTL2500 Two Way Mobile Radio. Recently used by Public Safety, taken out of service when the department changed radio frequencies.
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Motorola XTL 2500 7/800 MHz Digital Two Way Mobile Radio only. Good condition. SEE PICTURES.

Model: XTL2500
Part Number: M21URM9PW1AN
FCC ID: AZ492FT5823

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